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                      men at the April 6,
                      1862, Battle of Shiloh

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The Graceland Cemetery at 36th and Maine was established by the Quincy Cemetery Association in 1895. In 1901 it was designated a National U.S. Cemetery and the one at Woodland was abandoned and the soldiers buried there were removed to the new one.

Thad Ward, Quincy and Adams County, Illinois: Old Time Happenings and Events of the Pioneer Days. (Quincy: Thad Ward Publishing, 1936), 47.




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Fowler: The 155th Year





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Magellan seeks route to Spice Islands




 Sept. 18, 1862

Lincoln Log Copy

Lincoln Log Graphic

President carefully prepares text of preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. Hay, Letters and Diary.

Urges Sec. Stanton to send paroled prisoners to seat of Indian difficulties "with all possible despatch."Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, 20 September 1862, CW, 5:432.

Source: The Lincoln Log.



The Diary of Orville Hickman Browning

Friday,  Sept 20, 1862 

          Doing errands most of the day on account of Emma—Late in P.M. called at Coolbaughs and took a ride with him and his wife.   He told me that a gentleman of the highest standing informed him that Genl Curtiss of Iowa had $150,000 in cash deposited with Mr Buckingham of this city as his share of Cotton speculations in the South which he had got through his position as Genl, by making a monopoly of the trade and granting permits to those only who would divide with him   I had intended speaking here to night but there so much excitement about the war that I have concluded to postpone it, for the present and come again in two or three weeks.   They wished to serenade me last night and have a speech from me but I would not consent

Source: The Diary of Orville Hickman Browning, 573.

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The Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County exists to preserve, protect
and promote the stories of Quincy and Adams County
and their connection to our state, nation and world.






















The Quincy Herald-Whig’s “Once upon a Time”—

Payson’s Civil War Amputee Moses Bane back in saddle

          Col. Moses M. Bane, 37, Paysonc

               Moses M. Bane of Payson was one of four Adams County leaders who recruited many of the  more than 800 volunteers making up the 50th Illinois Infantry as the Civil War reached full fury. Commissioned a colonel, Bane was named the regiment’s commanding officer, led his troops at Forts Henry and Donelson in February 1861 and was the first man in his regiment wounded when the 50th engaged the rebels at the Battle of Shiloh the following April.

          This week’s history columnist Bridget Quinlivan provides further insight into the life of Moses Bane, whose Shiloh wounds cost him his right arm. You can read Quinlivan’s story by clicking here.         





















Illinois Stories Historical Programming in Quincy

 Exhibit focuses on the heroic Adams men at Shiloh

          You can watch Mark McDonald’s excellent story on our “Shiloh: Horrible Beyond Description,” exhibit, which aired on WQEC-Public Television’s award-winning Illinios Stories program.
          Just click the image at right.

Illinois Stories Shilohs

















Scholars discuss Quincy’s Father Tolton on journey to sainthood

         A model for goodness and grace during a lifetime of suffering through slavery and racial discrimination, even in his own Catholic Church, is leading to the sainthood of Quincy’s Father Augustus Tolton. See Illinois Stories’ program about the nation’s first African American priest by clicking the image at right.

Father Bauer2




















Now Open



The centerpiece of this exhibit is the 1862 diary of Pvt. Edward H. Warden, whose entry after the battle resulting in 23,000 casualties,
provided the title for this exhibit:

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   Adams Men of the 50th Illinois      The Battle      The Battlefield      The Exhibit      Brochure
                    The complete 1862 Diary of Private Edward H. Warden

Read the Complete Diary of Private Edward H. Warden Here.
















The Adams Men
of the 50th Illinois

Infantry Regiment


Here are the names of the men of the 50th Illinois Infantry Regiment by the towns and townships they called home.

And now you can click each name to see the related military records. Click here for the list of the 838 men of Adams County who were with the 50th Illinois Infantry Regiment during the U.S. Civil War.
















Blue Ribbon Committee Holds Hearing on Gardner Museum

              “If ideas were currency, the Gardner Museum of Architecture andGardner Design would have a bright future.”
               That was the conclusion of one of the nearly 70 people who Thursday evening attended a public hearing on the future of the museum, which closed in March for lack of funding. The hearing was conducted by an independent committee seeking ways to keep the 124-year-old building open as a museum or in a new role.
               The Historical Society board acquired the assets of the museum when it closed in March. The board  asked the Great River Economic Development Foundation to help determine the level of public support for keeping the museum open. Click to continue.

Read what participants at the public hearing proposed.   

Click here





















City Museums, Sites Feature Quincy in Civil War

Vets Home

All-Wars Museum
Eells House

Dr. Richard Eells House

Interpretive Center
Quincy Museum

The Quincy Museum
Mansion First Snow 2011  NW Cornercr
The John Wood Mansion

               The importance of Quincy and Adams County before and during the Civil War is featured in a variety of exhibits by historic museums and venues in the city. Click on the images at left for visiting hours and contact information.             

               As a young man, John Wood joined Edward Coles, the state’s second governor, in a successful fight to prevent Illinois from becoming a slave state in 1824, only five years after it entered the Union as a free state. Wood himself would become governor in 1860. He governed from his home at 12th and State, which allowed his fellow Republican Abraham Lincoln to the governor’s office for his campaign for the presidency.

               From their home at 415 Jersey, Dr. Richard and Jane Eells helped spirit fugitive slaves to freedom. They were caught trying to help a fleeing Monticello, Missouri slave. An ensuing legal battle was pursued all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to become the most celebrated litigation involving the Underground Railroad.

               Other Civil War exhibitions are:

0  The Quincy Museum, 1601 Maine Street, which has
    a large collection of Civil War era weapons.
0  The All-Wars Museum at the Illinois Veterans
    Home, 12th & Locust, home of numerous
    Civil War artifacts
0  The Lincoln-Douglas Interpretive Center, 128 N. 5th
    Street, which interprets the Lincoln-Douglas debate
    in Quincy on Wednesday, October 13, 1858.
0  The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Memorial in
    Washington Park, downtown, by famed sculptor
    Laredo Taft, celebrating the Sixth Lincoln-Douglas

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425 S. 12th St., Quincy, IL  62301          217-222-18355

               Within weeks of President Lincoln’s
           call for volunteers for war, nearly 400 young
         men from 25 Adams County towns answered.

       This exhibit interprets their heroism at the first
              major battle of the U.S. Civil War:  Shiloh.
                   o General Benjamin Prentiss of Quincy
                      Hero of the Battle of Shiloh
                   o Col. Moses Bane of Payson,
                      Commander of the 50th Illinois
                   o  Pvt. George Robison of Columbus
                       (at left), drummer, Company E
                       Click here for list of men by town.
                       Click here for additional exhibit details.

President Lincoln Calls for 500,000

Adams County Blueboys at the Battle of Shiloh
An exhibit Aril 6 - November 3, 2012

‘horrible beyond description’